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About Us

It’s not really about us, is it? 

It's about healthy snacking for a healthy lifestyle.

If a great idea comes to mind, surely you should take the initiative and make it a reality. That was how SKINNI SNAX was born. Whilst on holiday, I had an attack of the munchies and dived into a bowl of dried chickpeas. I said ‘these would be great if we could add some flavouring and crunchiness to them’ and the idea of SKINNI SNAX was born. There was a lot of testing, development, meetings, failures and successes. 

I trailed the supermarkets and the internet obtaining information on snacks and looking at design concepts. The combination of chickpea and wheat makes SKINNI SNAX a unique snack and the health properties of SKINNI SNAX makes it a win-win situation. And finally, we are here and my idea is now a reality.

Skinni Snax is a UK brand and trademark with 2 worldwide copywrites on the recipe. Skinni Snax are a healthy snack which can be brought online and in store.

We exporrt our healthy snacks world wide.

Skinni Snax is all about plant-based snacking.  We are now in the Middle East, Europe and South Africa.