Decision on Healthy Snacking

Eat the Best, Leave the Rest

Decision on Healthy Snacking

The traditional idea of a “snack” is a between-meal, quick bite that satisfies an urge. But in today’s world, snacking has become much more important. But why? What is driving consumer snacking habits, motives and frequency?

Researches showed that almost everyone (97%) snacks at some point during the week. Close to one-third (31%) were snacking a few days a week, while 33% reported snacking once per day and nearly one-quarter (24%) reported snacking multiple times per day. Only 3% of survey-takers said they never snack

Because snacking has become so ubiquitous, the question of why people snack arises. To name a few motives some were; “I am hungry or thirsty,” “I crave sweet snacks,” “I crave salty snacks,” “Out of boredom,” “I need energy,” and “It is too long until my next meal”.  The combination of hunger and thirst was the top reported driver for snacking. Craving something sweet or salty were the second and third most popular responses, respectively.

Ever wondered the difference in motives between frequent and infrequent snackers? Well, while the hunger-and-thirst reason was the top driver for all snackers, infrequent snackers reported snacking out of hunger or thirst more often than those who snack multiple times per week, once per day or multiple times a day. Those who snack multiple times a day were more likely to snack because they were craving something sweet or out of habit.

Behind all the numbers and reasons, to keep up with snacking healthy, let’s ask our selves the following questions.

  • Do I know what I eat ?
  • Is it hunger- or something else ?
  • Am I too hungry ?
  • Is my choice an apple or something else?

Try to be honest and find out the best for yourself, and go for it! If you want to stay healthy, just stay smart. Know what to eat and when you should eat. We are being met with a new set of challenges, and are looking for a variety of options. This is a lifelong process.