Healthy Snacks versus Meals

Healthy Snacks versus Meals

When growing up, most of us were told that skipping breakfast was a big-time mistake and that if we didn’t start our morning off with a hearty breakfast, then the rest of our day would be ruined. In some European countries, the full three meals a day with very little to no snacking in between continues to take precedence over other types of eating habits, because meals are considered more of an event to take pleasure in and enjoy with others 

If you’ve always eaten three full meals a day but have found that you struggle with weight loss or feel generally sluggish and unhealthy, the way you’ve been eating your three meals might be responsible. For those that prefer snacking, even when they do sit down for a larger meal, it’s likely they won’t clean the plate or eat until they’re full because with snacking, you never really get to a point of being fully hungry. 

When it comes to losing weight or getting in shape, eating lots of smaller meals and snacks like our grain-free pretzels throughout the day can aid in weight loss because the simple act of eating and digesting increases your resting metabolic rate, your rate being the number of calories your body burns from simple functions like breathing, talking, and even thinking.

Another benefit for those that enjoy snacking over sitting down for three full meals is that the more frequently you snack, the less you’ll experience the kind of hunger that sees you driving through the first take-out window you spot on the way home from work. When you experience a decrease in hunger and an increase in fullness, you become more aware of when you’re actually hungry, which can potentially prevent you from overeating, and can help you to be more discerning about what you choose to put in your body should you need something more substantial than a snack

Cooking dinner is an undertaking, if it is only a 20-minute one. Even if we make the same repeatedly, everyone does some basic cabin checks like; ‘Did I have sausages last night? ‘When did I last have a green vegetable?’ ‘Is there more to life than pasta’? It would defeat the object of a snack if you thought about it for even 20 seconds, so you always end up having the same thing. It is almost never an apple. It tends to be made of carbs, as they are the most portable. Let’s admit it: it is always crisps.

Maybe one of the best ways to approach is first listening to your body and becoming aware of what makes your body feel best in terms of the frequency and volume at which you consume food. There might be few days a week where snacking throughout the day is simply more convenient, but the key to making it a healthy choice is by ensuring that the snacks you choose aren’t full of artificials and are thickening the right nutrients and protein boxes.


Let’s just remember that there’s no single right way to eat day in and day out! There will always be days when you snack lightly throughout the morning, and then sit down for a larger meal at dinner, and that’s okay!