How Being Vegan in Snacks & Food Helps Earth & Animals – Buy Snacks UK

How Being Vegan in Snacks & Food Helps Earth & Animals – Buy Snacks UK

Do you know how you are contributing by eating only Vegan? It has countless effects on saving our planet and animals since you know that Climate Change is one the biggest challenge on the face of the earth at the moment and all of us are facing it.

Vegan food gives us all the reasons for preferring it over the killing of animals for the sake of nothing. We can have all the nutrition necessary for living through vegan food. Besides that, it has tons of benefits too.

Non-Veg Food’s Effect on Earth:

Earth is our home and sustaining its health is our duty, either as a meal or even snacks choose vegan because below you will know how it helps to heal the earth and that’s why Skinni Snacks UK is 100% vegan snack.

It will surprise you, according to a study by Oxford University, researchers found that:

Converting to vegetarian food will save an area of 75% from farming. This area is equal to China, Us, Eu, and Australia combined. Meat and Dairy products provide only 18% of calories and 37% of proteins. Whereas its agricultural greenhouse gas emission is 60 percent.

By eating vegan food and avoiding useless animal farming carbon dioxide emission can be controlled. The cost of 1 calorie produced from animals based non-veg foods is 11 times more than of grains-based food. This is because of fossil fuel consumption by these industries and it is a major factor affecting climate change.

Livestock’s industries are encouraging deforestation too and we are losing the forest equal to the size of Panama each year. What we should be doing is planting and raising a variety of plants to counter the devastating effects of climate change.

Trees are the best for consuming carbon dioxide and purifying the air. As livestock produces more air pollution than all transportation vehicles combined. We have a complete guide where you can learn to fully adopt a vegan diet.

Animal’s Suffer to get Non-Veg:

Animals deserve more than taking birth in an artificial farm environment. being caged until they are meat worthy than killed. Livestock industries are mean that they don’t raise these animals properly and they use steroids to raise them before time.

They also inject hormones in animals to enhance milk production for the sake of their profits.

It is wrong to raise an animal in a filthy, unhygienic and suffocating environment. Such food is bad for health because of the anti-biotics forced into them has effects on their meat or milk.

Such food has countless cases of causing cancer and other health problems in human beings.

Another industry running on this cruelty is of personal-care and household products, A huge effect is left on animal's health because of their experiments. Then they sell these products to you.

Believe me, you wouldn’t want to know what’s happening inside these laboratories. But not everyone is the same. There are companies adopting the best possible practices to raise these animals in a good and healthy environment and that’s acceptable.

We should be careful as much as we can because we all have to play our part. Either for a meal or for daily use products and even when you take a snack on the go try to choose veg. products.

Skinni UK Snacks are here for you in snacking but for the rest, you have to watch yourself.